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What are the core concepts of Maven?

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The core concepts of Maven are:

  • POM Files: Project Object Model (POM) files are XML files that include information about the project and configuration information used by Maven to construct the project, such as dependencies, source directory, plugin, goals, and so on. When you want to run a maven command, you provide it with a POM file to run. To complete its configuration and functions, Maven reads the pom.xml file.
  • Dependencies and Repositories: Repositories are folders containing bundled JAR files, and dependencies are external Java libraries necessary for Project. The local repository is simply a folder on your computer's hard drive. Maven retrieves dependencies from a central Maven repository and places them in your local repository if they aren't found in the local Maven repository.
  • Build Life Cycles, Phases, and Goals: A build life cycle is made up of a series of build phases, each of which contains a set of goals. A build lifecycle, phase, or goal is referred to as a Maven command. When a lifecycle is asked to be run using the maven command, all of the build steps in that life cycle are likewise run. When a build phase is requested to be executed, it is followed by all build phases in the given sequence.
  • Build Profiles: Build Profiles are a set of configuration parameters that allow you to build your project using a variety of setups. For example, you might need to develop and test your project on your local computer. You can add different build profiles to your POM files using its profile elements to enable different builds, which can be triggered in a variety of ways.
  • Build Plugins: Build Plugins are used to accomplish a certain task. A plugin can be added to the POM file. Maven comes with various pre-installed plugins, but you can also write your own in Java.

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