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Spring Angular Login & Logout Application

1 Answer

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Spring Angular Login & Logout Application

In this section, we are going to create a login and logout web application. This application includes a signup and login form. In this integration, we are using Spring to handle the backend part and Angular to handle the frontend part.

Working of Application

Once we deployed our application on the server, a welcome page generates that contains two links - signup and login.

A new user can choose the signup and register themselves by filling up the required details.

However, the existing user can use their email id and password to log in.

Once we logged in, we can fetch the details of existing users.

In the end, we can exit from the current state by clicking the logout link.

Tools to be used

Use any IDE to develop the Spring and Hibernate project. It may be MyEclipse/Eclipse/Netbeans. Here, we are using Eclipse.

MySQL for the database.

Use any IDE to develop the Angular project. It may be Visual Studio Code/Sublime. Here, we are using Visual Studio Code.

Server: Apache Tomcat/JBoss/Glassfish/Weblogic/Websphere.

Technologies we used

Here, we are using the following technologies:

Spring 5

Hibernate 5

Angular 6


Create Database

Let's create a database loginlogoutexample. There is no need to create a table as Hibernate automatically created it.

Spring Module

Let's see the directory structure of Spring we need to follow:

Spring Angular Login and Logout Application

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