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Spring Angular CRUD Application

In this section, we are going to develop a CRUD (create-read-update-delete) web application. This application contains the student form that includes the CRUD features like add, view, delete, and update student. In this integration, we are using Spring Boot to handle the backend part and Angular to handle the frontend part.

Working of Application

Once we deployed our application on the server, a student form generates at the web browser.

The form facilitates to add and view students.

On clicking add student link, the page redirects to create student form where we can add a student by filling the required details and submit them.

Using view student link, we can fetch the details of the existing student. Here, each student also contains update and delete link.

So, we can update the details of the student and also delete them from the database.

Once completed, provide the URL http://localhost:4200/ at the web browser.

Tools to be used

Use any IDE to develop the Spring and Hibernate project. It may be STS/Eclipse/Netbeans. Here, we are using STS (Spring Tool Suite).

MySQL for the database.

Use any IDE to develop the Angular project. It may be Visual Studio Code/Sublime. Here, we are using Visual Studio Code.

Server: Apache Tomcat/JBoss/Glassfish/Weblogic/Websphere.

Technologies we used

Here, we are using the following technologies:

SpringBoot 2

Hibernate 5

Angular 6


Create Database

Let's create a database indigo. There is no need to create a table as Hibernate automatically created it.

Spring Module

Let's see the directory structure of Spring Boot we need to follow:

Angular + Spring CRUD Example

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