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What is AWS IAM?

1 Answer

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What is IAM?

IAM stands for Identity Access Management.

IAM allows you to manage users and their level of access to the aws console.

It is used to set users, permissions and roles. It allows you to grant access to the different parts of the aws platform.

AWS Identity and Access Management is a web service that enables Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to manage users and user permissions in AWS.

With IAM, Organizations can centrally manage users, security credentials such as access keys, and permissions that control which AWS resources users can access.

Without IAM, Organizations with multiple users must either create multiple user accounts, each with its own billing and subscriptions to AWS products or share an account with a single security credential. Without IAM, you also don't have control about the tasks that the users can do.

IAM enables the organization to create multiple users, each with its own security credentials, controlled and billed to a single aws account. IAM allows the user to do only what they need to do as a part of the user's job

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