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Q: string concatenation java

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String Concatenation in Java

In java, string concatenation forms a new string that is the combination of multiple strings. There are two ways to concat string in java:

By + (string concatenation) operator

By concat() method

1) String Concatenation by + (string concatenation) operator

Java string concatenation operator (+) is used to add strings. For Example:

class TestStringConcatenation1{  

 public static void main(String args[]){  

   String s="Sachin"+" Tendulkar";  

   System.out.println(s);//Sachin Tendulkar  



Test it Now

Output:Sachin Tendulkar

The Java compiler transforms above code to this:

String s=(new StringBuilder()).append("Sachin").append(" Tendulkar).toString();  


In java, String concatenation is implemented through the StringBuilder (or StringBuffer) class and its append method. String concatenation operator produces a new string by appending the second operand onto the end of the first operand. The string concatenation operator can concat not only string but primitive values also. For Example:

class TestStringConcatenation2{  

 public static void main(String args[]){  

   String s=50+30+"Sachin"+40+40;  




Test it Now


Note: After a string literal, all the + will be treated as string concatenation operator.

2) String Concatenation by concat() method

The String concat() method concatenates the specified string to the end of current string. Syntax:

public String concat(String another)  

Let's see the example of String concat() method.

class TestStringConcatenation3{  

 public static void main(String args[]){  

   String s1="Sachin ";  

   String s2="Tendulkar";  

   String s3=s1.concat(s2);  

   System.out.println(s3);//Sachin Tendulkar  


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