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Explain the command and method to change the file permissions in Linux.

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chmod command is used to change the permissions of a file. There are three parts to consider to set the file permissions.

  • User (or Owner)
  • Group
  • Other

3 types of file permission that is given to a file.

  • r – Reading permission
  • w – Writing permission
  • x – Execution permission

For example, chmod 751 filename

Then, three number 751 describes permissions given to the user, group and other in the order. Each number is the sum of the values,i.e. 4 for reading, 2 for write, 1 for execute.

Here 751 is the combination of (4+2+1), (4+0+1), (0+0+1).

So, chmod 751 filename will provide read, write and execute permission to the owner; read and execute permission to the group and only execute permission to the others.