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What are the benefits of using Version Control System?

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With the Version Control System(VCS), all the team members are allowed to work freely on any file at any time. VCS gives you the flexibility to merge all the changes into a common version.

All the previous versions and variants are neatly packed up inside the VCS. You can request any version at any time as per your requirement and you’ll have a snapshot of the complete project right at hand.

Whenever you save a new version of your project, your VCS requires you to provide a short description of the changes that you have made. Additionally, you can see what changes are made in the file’s content. This helps you to know what changes have been made in the project and by whom.

A distributed VCS like Git allows all the team members to have a complete history of the project so if there is a breakdown in the central server you can use any of your teammate’s local Git repository.

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