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Explain Networking and Content Delivery in AWS

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AWS Networking and Content Delivery ensures provision below

AWS Interview Questions and Answers

1) Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) service that speeds up delivery of video content, APIs, websites, or other web assets.

2) Logically isolated section of AWS cloud, where you can open AWS resources in a virtual network.

3) Offer more safe and economical way to route end users to web applications by translating names into IP address.

4) Set up a dedicated network connection from a location to AWS.

Services offered by Networking and Content Delivery in AWS

1) Elastic Load Balancing: High Scale Load Balancing

2) Amazon Route 53: Scalable Domain Name System

3) Amazon Cloud Front: Global Content Delivery Network

4) AWS Direct Connect: Dedicated Network Connection to AWS

5) Amazon VPC: Isolated Cloud Resources

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