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What are the different type of products in AWS.

1 Answer

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Below are the different products in AWS.

1) Compute - AWS provides numerous compute products that allows you to deploy, run, and scale applications as virtual servers, code or containers.

2) Storage - Cloud storage is secure, scalable and reliable component that includes the information used by applications.

3) Database - AWS provides fully managed NoSQL and relational databases, and in-memory cache to suit your application needs.

4) Developer Tools - AWS Developer tools is a set of services that are offered to allow developers securely version control and store the source code of applications. Also, it aids to build, test and deploy the application automatically.

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5) Management Tools - Aids you to manage the applications and resources.

6) Security and Compliance - Allows customers to know the proficient controls at AWS to maintain data protection and security in the cloud.

7) Messaging - Provides several messaging services and tools with diverse abilities.

8) Application Services - Offers a plethora of managed services for use with applications such as converting digital media into different formats, including search to your website, and hosting streaming application.

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