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Difference between NFS and HDFS in BigData

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Here is the main difference between NFS and HDFS

(i)NFS:-With the help of NFS we can store and process small volumes of data.

(ii)HDFS:-And HDFS is designed for storing and process the Big Data.

(i)NFS:-We store data in NFS in any dedicated hardware.

(ii)HDFS:-Here we will divided data into blocks and that is distributes on local drives of the hardware.

(i)NFS:-In NFS when system is failed we cannot access the data.

(ii)HDFS:-But in HDFS in case of system failure we can still the accessed the Data.

(i)NFS:-NFS runs on single machine and there is no chance for data redundancy.

(ii)HDFS:-AS we know HDFS runs on cluster of machines so replication protocol may lead to redundant data.

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