Dec 5, 2020 in Agile
Q: Who should necessarily attend the Daily Standup meeting?

a. The Development Team

b. The Scrum Team

c. The Development Team and the Product Owner

d. The Development Team and the Scrum Master

e. The Scrum Team and the Stakeholders

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Dec 5, 2020

a. The Development Team


The Development Team is necessarily required to attend the Daily Standup meeting every day. Anyone else who wishes to attend the meeting is very much welcome but it is not mandatory to attend it.

Other than the Development Team, whoever is attending the meeting is not allowed to give updates or participate. He can enjoy listening while others are participating. The Scrum Master though can attend the meeting and also facilitate it if he has been requested for the same by the Development Team.

Even the stakeholders can attend the Daily Standup meetings.

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