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Rotary drum flaker Introduction
The Rotary drum flaker developed by our institute are the most advanced in the world and have reached the international level.
Drum flaker drying is a continuous operation process to heat and dry materials or strip shaped materials attached on external wall of the drum by heat transfer method when the drum is rotating.
Features and Advantages of Rotary drum flaker
1.Fully sealed automatic operation, especially suitable for handling flammable and explosive materials and not allowed to contact the air.
2.This machine is equipped with four side scraper, the material layer scraper and the finished product scraper, can control the material layer thickness, thus obtains the ideal production or the drying effect.
3.Automatically control the liquid level of the material trough to obtain stable production or drying effect.
4.The utility model can adjust the rotating speed of the drum, the immersion depth of the drum in the material groove, the thickness of the material layer on the drum and the temperature of the hot and cold media, so as to achieve the required output and qualified film drying products.
5.This machine is especially suitable for the production and drying of hard and sticky materials, such as sticky and paste.
6.The products use the double drum, radiation rib plate, spiral plate, high elastic and lateral diversion scraper feeder and a number of new and high technology, the production efficiency is 2-3 times of ordinary drum flaker.
7.We can set the cooling or heating double drum in the same trough, greatly improving production or drying capacity.
8.Multi-functional for flaking and drying.

Why choose Shuangrui Machinery?
1.Provide customers with high quality products
2.Strong technical strength, advanced production equipment
3.Perfect testing methods and a complete set of quality management system
4.Advanced production process enjoys high popularity in the industry
5.The product has the dual advantages of corrosion resistance and stabilityCooling Continuous Crystallizer suppliers

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