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What are the types of Machine Learning?

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Machine Learning can be mArtificial Intelligencenly divided into three types:

1) Supervised Learning: Supervised learning is a type of Machine learning in which the machine needs external supervision to learn from data. The supervised learning models are trArtificial Intelligencened using the labeled dataset. Regression and Classification are the two mArtificial Intelligencen problems that can be solved with Supervised Machine Learning.

2) Unsupervised Learning: It is a type of machine learning in which the machine does not need any external supervision to learn from the data, hence called unsupervised learning. The unsupervised models can be trArtificial Intelligencened using the unlabelled dataset. These are used to solve the Association and Clustering problems.

3) Reinforcement Learning: In Reinforcement learning, an agent interacts with its environment by producing actions, and learn with the help of feedback. The feedback is given to the agent in the form of rewards, such as for each good action, he gets a positive reward, and for each bad action, he gets a negative reward. There is no supervision provided to the agent. Q-Learning algorithm is used in reinforcement learning.

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