Aug 19, 2019 in Selenium
Q: Mention what is Selenium 3.0?

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Aug 20, 2019

Selenium 3.0 is the latest version of Selenium. It has released 2 beta versions of selenium 3.0 with few of the below changes:

Here are few new features added to Selenium 3.0

Beta 1 updates Beta 2 updates (Only for Java)

Minimum Java version is now 8+

System property webdriver.firefox.marionette now forces the server in marionette or legacy firefox driver mode, ignoring any related Desired Capability

It will support for Firefox Via Mozilla’s geckodriver

Grid fixes NPE’s on registration when -browser not specified

Support for Edge is provided by MS

It now supports Safari on MacOS via Apple’s own Safari driver

Update GeckoDriver –port argument in all bindings

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