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Which certification would provide better job opportunities - TOGAF 9 or the AWS Certified Solutions Architect?

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That's a pretty tough question as both are valuable and in high demand. Picking the right one depends on two main factors:

  • The job role you are looking for “technical vs high-level”.
  • Work Environment. “in case you are working for a company or planning to work in a specific company/s:

This is one of the “vendor-specific vs vendor-neutral” discussions. From my experience, I recommend vendor-specific certifications. So, I recommend AWS. I have always seen more valuable in vendor-specific certifications.

Another reason to pick AWS is Amazon’s market share. It’s unbelievable, Amazon market share is more than all the other competitors combined.


Amazon has been the major player and the market leader for so many years and it seems it will keep leading the market for a long time.

So the winner is AWS.