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What is togaf?

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TOGAF, which stands for “The Open Group Architecture Framework”, is the most important Enterprise Architecture Framework nowadays. It has first been published in 1995 by The Open Group and has regularly been updated since then. Today, The TOGAF Standard is the most cited and used knowledge book with detailed methods and tools for developing enterprise architecture in a company and many, if not most, large global corporations base their enterprise architecture activities on TOGAF or a modification of it.

How Old is TOGAF?

As mentioned, TOGAF has been first released in 1995. The latest main release, version 9, was released in 2011 and the latest minor release, version 9.2, was released in 2018. TOGAF is regularly developed further and worked on by more than 300 TOGAF forum members, many of them from large corporations, such as IBM, Oracle or Philips. It therefore provides a good overview of common and generic EA practices across many different organizations.