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How Puppet Works?

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For this question just explain Puppet Architecture. Refer the diagram below:


The following functions are performed in the above image:

The Puppet Agent sends the Facts to the Puppet Master. Facts are basically key/value data pair that represents some aspect of Slave state, such as its IP address, up-time, operating system, or whether it’s a virtual machine. I will explain Facts in detail later in the blog.

Puppet Master uses the facts to compile a Catalog that defines how the Slave should be configured. Catalogis a document that describes the desired state for each resource that Puppet Master manages on a Slave. I will explain catalogs and resources in detail later.

Puppet Slave reports back to Master indicating that Configuration is complete, which is visible in the Puppet dashboard.

Now the interviewer might dig in deep, so the next set of Puppet interview questions will test your knowledge about various components of Puppet.

Puppet Master Slave Architecture - Puppet Interview Questions - Edureka
source: and credit to Edureka!

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