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How is the subtask created in JIRA?

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The subtask is a means of splitting the original problem into several smaller problems that are worked on individually. The initial problem has the information pertaining to the subtasks, which can be from the same project. The initial problem cannot be closed unless and until the subtasks have been concluded. The subtask has similar fields as the ones from any standard issue though the issue types seem to differ. The following is an illustration of the way the subtask is formed. It is an example to help with understanding its formation.

Open an initial problem through search a particular issue ID or even form any issue ID

On the right-hand side of the issue description screen, there will be three dots. Select it and options will be given

Select the Create subtask from the menu 

There will be a window denoted, ‘Create subtask window’

Enter the mandatory details and click on ‘Create’ 

The created subtasks would be added to the parent issue under the subtask section

There will be options as well to convert an issue into a subtask and a subtask into an issue.

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