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What are the differences between JIRA and its competitor, Bugzilla?

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Bugzilla and JIRA are the prominent bug/ issue tracking tools, which are in use by a number of organizations. However, JIRA has been reviewed as user-friendly, while Bugzilla has been termed as complex.

JIRA has configurable link types with user-defined semantics. It has pluggable remote issue links allowing the links to other entities outside of JIRA. Bugzilla though has one link mode that is blocks and a Bug ID custom type field. 

Bugzilla can allow the users to select the initial status of a new problem/ bug. JIRA though provides for the definition of several workflows that can be applied according to the Project and Type of the issue. 

JIRA does not have an advanced level search option. It has flexible JQL language known as the query language allowing the user to construct arbitrary Boolean expressions. Bugzilla has a powerful advanced search option.

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