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The solar light system consists of an intelligent controller, solar cell module, an energy storage module, lighting fixture and other parts. Solar energy is used as the energy source, and photoelectric conversion is realized through a solar cell. When there is sunlight in the daytime, the solar battery pack is stored by a storage battery through an intelligent controller, and the electric energy stored by the storage battery is used for lighting at night or in rainy weather.

The solar light system is favoured because of its abundant energy, environmental protection and sustainability. It has a wide market space and development potential. The solar lights manufacturer are also developing rapidly. When installing a solar light, the battery pack must face the sun and be kept as clean as possible to ensure the transmittance of sunlight.

Features of solar lights:

Solar lights have the advantages of cleanness, no pollution, no geographical restriction, short time to obtain energy, environmental protection, energy-saving, etc. They do not pose a threat to the environment, and there is no problem with material pollution. They are a breakthrough development of modern lighting and have the following characteristics:

1. The change range of ambient temperature: -40~50℃, when selecting the light source and various electrical components, the service life and service life at this ambient temperature must be considered.

2. Due to the erosion and interference of rain, snow, lightning and hail, there must be a reasonable level of safety protection and lightning protection grounding.

3. Continuous rainy days require sufficient capacity of solar panels and storage batteries.

4. When the battery is full, the voltage can reach 14.7V, and when it is discharged, it can drop to about 10.7V V. In rainy days, the voltage of the battery will drop to about 10 V. Under such circumstances, on the one hand, the battery should be protected by the controller, and on the other hand, the light source should be reliably started and stably operated under high and low voltages.

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