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What is target load order? How to set it?

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When a mapplet is used in a mapping, Designer allows users to set target load order for all sources that pertain to the mapplet. In Designer, users can set the target load order in which Integration Service sends rows to targets within the mapping. A target load order group is basically a collection of source qualifiers, transformations, and targets linked together in a mapping. The target load order can be set to maintain referential integrity while operating on tables that have primary and secondary keys.

Steps to Set the Target Load Order

Step 1: Create a mapping that contains multiple target load order groups
Step 2: Click on Mappings and then select Target Load Plan
Step 3: The Target Load Plan dialog box lists all Source Qualifier transformations with targets that receive data from them
Step 4: Select a Source Qualifier and click on the Up and Down buttons to change the position of the it
Step 5: Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for other Source Qualifiers if you want to reorder them
Step 6: Click on OK after you are done

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