Jul 10, 2019 in Git Slack Integration

Which of the following is not a ChatClient

a) Flowdock

b) Lita

c) Campfire

d) HipChat

Select the appropriate answer from the above list

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Jul 10, 2019

LITA is not a ChatClient 

Option (b) Lita is correct answer here

Chat client are referred as a special type of software which is located in the computers of the user's for handling of instant messaging (IM) from other users or use in chat rooms.

Chat Client are used for the reading of instant messages and chat. A chat bot is another computer program which can simulate human interface through voice or commands messages in the form of text chats.

Chatbot, or called as chatterbot, is a kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools which can be embedded and utilized through any major messenger type applications.

Example of ChatClient are Flowdock,HipChat and Campfire.

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