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IoT Architecture

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IoT Architecture is an integrated system of various components/applications/devices, such as:

  • Devices/Components: The IoT edge device (like Sensor, Actuator, Potentiometer, and so on) collects and pre-processes data before sharing it with the Gateway devices. It has low power and low memory with less form factor.

  • Communication Protocols: The communication protocols (like 6LowPAN, Zigbee, and so on) enable communication or transfer data between different components/applications of the IoT devices and platforms.

  • Edge/Gateway Devices: The Gateway device (like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo, and so on) is an intermediate computing device, which processes certain business logic/decisions close to the edge device. It helps to improve the reliability and efficiency of the IoT system.

    • Cloud Services: The Cloud Services (like AWS, Azure, and so on) is a suite of services for device management, data management, connectivity management, user management, and security management.

    • Analytics Services: The Analytics services (like AWS IoT, Azure IoT Hub, and Thingworx IoT) enable us to draw insights from data to create value from the system.

    • Application Services: The Application services (like the Patient Health Monitoring system, and so on) enable certain business functions to draw meaningful insights from the data.

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