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Difference between Gradle and Maven?

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The Java system has two well-known build tools- Gradle and Maven. Both these tools have more similarities than differences, thus it will be interesting to compare these two. 

Gradle VS Maven:

What is it: Gradle an open-source build tool is a combination of Maven and Ant. Maven uses Java as its basis to build automation projects.

Language: It works with a domain-specific language with Groovy as its basis.  While Apache Maven uses XML for configuring its projects.

Approach: Gradle uses the graph task dependency approach. In this, the tasks are the things that perform the work. Maven uses the approach of a linear and fixed model of phases. 

Performance: Performance wise both Gradle and Maven allow multi-projects build. But In Gradle, you can execute only incremental projects. The reason is that it checks for updated tasks and if they are present, there is no execution and the span of build time becomes shorter.

Other functionalities you get with Gradle are:

Validation of dependency

Composite Build

Dependency Rules

Conflict Revolution

Java classes compilation

Java compile avoidance

Daemon a compiler that increases the process of compiling.

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