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An Agile team has which two characteristics? (Choose two.)

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Jun 17, 2019
A group of dedicated individuals who are empowered, self-organizing , self-managing, and deliver features,A small group of typically 5-9 dedicated individuals who have the skills necessary to define, build, and test increments of value
Hence Two features of Agile team is 
1) Self-Organizing,
2) Self-managing

 In SAFe, Agile groups are cross-utilitarian gatherings of 5-9 people who characterize, assemble, test, and convey an addition of significant worth in a brief timeframe box. Since correspondence quality decreases as group size increments, Agile ventures will in general lean toward assortments of littler groups. For instance, it's commonly better to have two groups of five individuals than one group of ten. Arrangement conveyance requires expansive and various abilities. Specialized groups characterize, fabricate, test, and-where relevant send, some component of Solution esteem. Business groups work together with them to give a scope of help that incorporates: Guardrails and different business boundaries Infrastructure Contracts and providers End-client preparing Legal direction Marketing Security and consistence skill Fitness for use Solution information  

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