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What is the use of Backup Plugin in Jenkins? How to use it?

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Jenkins Backup Plugin is used to back up the critical configurations and settings in order to use them in the future in case of any failure or as per the need of time.

The following steps are followed for backing up your settings by using the Backup Plugin.

Step 1: Go to the Jenkins Dashboard and click on Manage Jenkins.

Manage Jenkins

Step 2: Click on Manage Plugins that appears on the next page.

Manage Plugins

Step 3: Go to Available Tab in the next page and search for ThinBackup.


Step 4: Once you choose the available option, it will start installing.

Step 5: Once it is installed the following screen will appear, from there choose Settings.

Setting Option

Step 6: Enter the necessary details like backup directory along with other options as shown on the below screen and save the settings. The backup will be saved to the specified Backup Directory.

Thinbackup configurration

Step 7: Go to the previous page to test whether the backup is happening or not by clicking on Backup Now as shown in the below image.

Backup Now

Step 8: At last you can check the Backup Directory specified in the ThinBackup Settings.

(Step 6) to check the whole backup
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