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Brief the process of testing with UFT.

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There are seven phases of the testing process using UFT:

#1) Preparing the Plan for Testing: In this phase, you will decide and select the environment, system configuration, etc., used for testing. Even you will prioritize the steps that are involved in testing and identify the test data too.

It also will predict the expected output of the scripts.

#2) Capturing the actions performed on the Application: In this phase, you will perform the testing steps or actions on the website/application that is to be tested. Simultaneously, UFT will automatically record and capture the testing activities that are executed in the application.

#3) Boosting the Test Script: This phase will make the test script more attractive by adding extra effects like inserting the checkpoints, parameterization, declaring the output values etc.

#4) Executing the Test Script again: At this stage, the test script is executed once again in order to check whether the script runs smoothly with the extra additions made in the previous step.

If any bugs are detected then they are debugged and fixed.

#5) Actual execution of the test script in the application: Now run the test script to perform the actual execution in this phase.

#6) Examining the test results: After the test execution, the results are analyzed from the test report generated.

#7) Analyzing the defects: If we find any bugs during the execution that leads to the failure of the test script then the same should be reported in the Defects Report.
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