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What are the lifecycle hooks for components and directives?

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An Angular component has a discrete life-cycle which contains different phases as it transits through birth till death. In order to gain better control of these phases, we can hook into them using the following:

constructor: It is invoked when a component or directive is created by calling new on the class.

ngOnChanges: It is invoked whenever there is a change or update in any of the input properties of the component.

ngOnInit: It is invoked every time a given component is initialized. This hook is only once called in its lifetime after the first ngOnChanges.

ngDoCheck: It is invoked whenever the change detector of the given component is called. This allows you to implement your own change detection algorithm for the provided component.

ngOnDestroy: It is invoked right before the component is destroyed by Angular. You can use this hook in order to unsubscribe observables and detach event handlers for avoiding any kind of memory leaks.

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