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Chemical Diaphragm Pump uses compressed air as the power source and uses the diaphragm inside the cylinder body to agitate and do work to achieve the purpose of conveying various media. Air double diaphragm pump can transport medium: pneumatic diaphragm pump is applicable to transport a variety of corrosive, with particles of liquid, and high tolerance, volatile, flammable, highly toxic liquid.
SP Air Powered Pump Performance Curve:

SP Non-Metallic Pump Performance:
Model Max Flow
(lpm/gpm) Porting Max Pressure
(psi/bar) Max Solids
(mm) Wetted End Suction Lift
1/4'' B02 18.1/4.8 NPT/BSP 102/7 0.4 PP/PVDF 2.74(Dry)/9.45(Wet)
1/2'' B05 56/15 NPT/BSP 102/7 3 PP/PVDF 4.12(Dry)/7.62(Wet)
1'' B10 175/46 Flange 102/7 6 PP/PVDF 4.57(Dry)/7.62(Wet)
1 1/2 B15 401/102 Flange 102/7 12 PP/PVDF 4.4(Dry)/7.62(Wet)
2'' B20 609/161 Flange 102/7 17 PP/PVDF 6.5(Dry)/7.62(Wet)
Installation Size of Diaphragm Pump Model B02

Pump Model Port Size Air Inlet Size Exhaust Port Size A B C D E F G H I Weight
B02WNM inch inch inch mm
inch mm
inch mm
inch mm
inch mm
inch mm
inch mm
inch mm
inch mm
inch 3.3
1/4'' NPT 1/8'' NPT N/A 145
5.7 162
6.4 61
2.4 5
0.2 25
1 140
5.5 64
2.5 54
2.1 114
The pump size we can offer is 100% compatible with brand Sandpiper, Wilden and Aro.
Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump Applications: Marine
- Oil transfer
- Fuel transfer
- Cargo cleanup
- Lubricants transfer  
- Oil transfer
- Fuel transfer
- Water evacuation
- Mine face dewatering
- Day tank transfer
- Batching
- Chemical feed
- Personal hygienic/cosmetics  
Pulp & paper
- Day tank transfer
- Batching
- Bleaching
- Adhesives/ink
Q: How long is the delivery time?
A: Deliver as per contract. Usually 2-4 weeks deliver after T/T advanced.
Q: How long will I expect to receive the sample?
A: Usually 3~7 days deliver after T/T advanced.
Q: What is the packing method?
A: Plywood case or carton. Carton is recommended.
Q: What is the type of shipping?
A: Sea, Air or International Express.

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