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Suppose I have installed Apache Hive on top of my Hadoop cluster using default metastore configuration. Then, what will happen if we have multiple clients trying to access Hive at the same time?

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The default metastore configuration allows only one Hive session to be opened at a time for accessing the metastore. Therefore, if multiple clients try to access the metastore at the same time, they will get an error. One has to use a standalone metastore, i.e. Local or remote metastore configuration in Apache Hive for allowing access to multiple clients concurrently.

Following are the steps to configure MySQL database as the local metastore in Apache Hive:

One should make the following changes in hive-site.xml:

javax.jdo.option.ConnectionURL property should be set to jdbc:mysql://host/dbname?createDataba


javax.jdo.option.ConnectionDriverName property should be set to com.mysql.jdbc.Driver.

One should also set the username and password as:

javax.jdo.option.ConnectionUserName is set to desired username.

javax.jdo.option.ConnectionPassword is set to the desired password.

The JDBC driver JAR file for MySQL must be on the Hive’s classpath, i.e. The jar file should be copied into the Hive’s lib directory.

Now, after restarting the Hive shell, it will automatically connect to the MySQL database which is running as a standalone metastore.

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