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Submitting Jobs to Queues Features MapReducer

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Users submit jobs to Queues. Queues, as collection of jobs, allow the system to provide specific functionality. For example, queues use ACLs to control which users who can submit jobs to them. Queues are expected to be primarily used by Hadoop Schedulers.

Hadoop comes configured with a single mandatory queue, called ‘default’. Queue names are defined in the mapreduce.job.queuename property of the Hadoop site configuration. Some job schedulers, such as the Capacity Scheduler, support multiple queues.

A job defines the queue it needs to be submitted to through the mapreduce.job.queuename property, or through the Configuration.set(MRJobConfig.QUEUE_NAME, String) API. Setting the queue name is optional. If a job is submitted without an associated queue name, it is submitted to the ‘default’ queue.

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