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Kali Linux and Linux Commands Line List-4

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Linux Command Functions
 quota  Display disk usage and limits
 quotacheck  Scan a file system for disk usage
 quotactl  Set disk quotas
 ram  ram disk device
 rcp  Copy files between two machines
 read  Read a line from standard input
 readarray  Read from stdin into an array variable
 readonly  Mark variables/functions as readonly
 reboot  Reboot the system
 remsync  Synchronize remote files via email
 rename  Rename files
 renice  Alter priority of running processes
 return  Exit a shell function
 rev  Reverse lines of a file
 rm  Remove files
 rmdir  Remove folders
 rsync  Remote file copy (Synchronize file trees)
 scp  Secure copy (remote file copy)
 screen  Multiplex terminal, run remote shells via ssh
 sdiff  Merge two files interactively
 sed  Stream Editor
 select  Accept keyboard input
 seq  Print numeric sequences
 set  Manipulate shell variables and functions
 sftp  Secure File Transfer Program
 shift  Shift positional parameters
 shopt  Shell Options
 shutdown  Shutdown or restart linux
 sleep  Delay for a specified time
 slocate  Find files
 sort  Sort text files
 source  Run commands from a file
 split  Split a file into fixed-size pieces
 ssh  Secure Shell client (remote login program)
 strace  Trace system calls and signals
 su  Substitute user identity
 sudo  Execute a command as another user
 sum  Print a checksum for a file
 suspend  Suspend execution of this shell
 symlink  Make a new name for a file
 sync  Synchronize data on disk with memory
 tail  Output the last part of file
 tar  Tape Archiver
 tee  Redirect output to multiple files
 test  Evaluate a conditional expression
 time  Measure Program running time
 times  User and system times
 top  List processes running on the system
 touch  Change file timestamps
 tr  Translate, squeeze, and/or delete characters