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Kali Linux and Linux Commands Line List-3

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Linux Command Functions
 killall  Kill processes by name
 less  Display output one screen at a time
 let  Perform arithmetic on shell variables
 ln  Create a symbolic link to a file
 local  Create variables
locate  Find files
 logname  Print current login name
 logout  Exit a login shell
 look  Display lines beginning with a given string
 lpc  Line printer control program
 lpr  Off line print
 lprint  Print a file
 lprintd  Abort a print job
 lprintq  List the print queue
 lprm  Remove jobs from the print queue
 ls  List information about files
 lsof  List open files
 make  Recompile a group of programs
 man  Help manual
 mkdir  Create new folders
 mkfifo  Make FIFOs (named pipes)
 mkisofs  Create an hybrid ISO9660/JOLIET/HFS filesystem
 mknod  Make block or character special files
 mmv  Mass Move and rename files
 more  Display output one screen at a time
 mount  Mount a file system
 mtools  Manipulate MS-DOS files
 mtr  Network diagnostics (traceroute/ping)
 mv  Move or rename files or directories
 netstat  Networking information
 nice  Set the priority of a command or job
 nl  Number lines and write files
 nohup  Run a command immune to hangups
 notify-send  Send desktop notifications
 nslookup  Query Internet name servers interactively
 op  Operator access
 open  Open a file in its default application
 passwd  Modify a user password
 paste  Merge lines of files
 pathchk  Check file name portability
 ping  Test a network connection
 pkill  Stop processes from running
 popd  Restore the previous value of the current directory
 pr  Prepare files for printing
 printcap  Printer capability database
 printenv  Print environment variables
 printf  Format and print data
 ps  Process status
 pushd  Save and then change the current directory
 pwd  Print Working Directory

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