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Write the features for Angular 6 over Angular 5.

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Following are the features:

1. Added ng update

CLI command updates angular project dependencies to their latest versions. The ng update is a normal package manager tool to identify and update in normal package manager tools to identify and update other dependencies.

2. Uses RxJS6

This is the third party library (RxJS) and introduces two important changes as compared to RxJS5.

Introduces a new internal package structure.

Operator concept

To update of RxJS6, run the following command:

npm install --save [email protected]

To update your existing Angular Project, run the following:

npm install --save rxjs-compat

3. The <ng-template>

Angular 6 uses <ng-template> instead of <template>

4. Service Level Changes

If in an earlier version, the user wanted to provide a service to the entire application, the user was required to add it to providers in the AppModule but it is not required in the case of Angular6.

5. Renamed Operators

Angular 6 has renamed following operators:

do() => tap()

catch() => catchError()

finally() => finalize()


throw() => throwError

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