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Q: Could you explain the various types of filters in AngularJS.

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Jan 6

In order to format the value of expression so that it can be displayed to the user, AngularJS has filters. It is possible to add these filters to the controllers, directives, services, or templates. AngularJS also provides support for creating custom filters.

Organizing data in such a way so that it is displayed only when certain criteria are fulfilled is made possible using filters. Filters are added to the expressions using the pipe ‘|’ character. Various types of AngularJS filters are enumerated as follows:

currency – Formats a number to the currency format

date – Formats a data to some specific format

filter – Selects a subset of items from an array

json – Formats an object to a JSON string

limitTo – Limits an array or string into a specified number of characters or elements

lowercase – Formats a string to lowercase

number – Formats a number to a string

orderBy – Orders an array by an expression

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