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Please explain the various features of Angular.

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There are several features of Angular that makes it an ideal front end JavaScript framework. Most important of them are described as follows:

Accessibility Applications

Angular allows creating accessible applications using ARIA-enabled components, built-in a11y test infrastructure, and developer guides.

Angular CLI

Angular provides support for command-line interface tools. These tools can be used for adding components, testing, instant deploying, etc.

Animation Support

Angular’s intuitive API allows the creation of high-performance, complex animation timelines with very little code.

Cross-Platform App Development

Angular can be used for building an efficient and powerful desktop, native, and progressive web apps. Angular provides support for building native mobile applications using Cordova, Ionic, or NativeScript.

Angular allows creating high performance, offline, and zero-step installation progressive web apps using modern web platform capabilities. The popular JS framework can also be used for building desktop apps for Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Code Generation

Angular is able to convert templates into highly-optimized code for modern JavaScript virtual machines.

Code Splitting

With the new Component Router, Angular apps load quickly. The Component Router offers automatic code-splitting so that only the code required to render the view that is requested by a user is loaded.

Synergy with Popular Code Editors and IDEs

Angular offers code completion, instant errors, etc. with popular source code editors and IDEs.


Allows creating UI views with a simple and powerful template syntax.


Angular lets you carry out frequent unit tests using Karma. The Protractor allows running faster scenario tests in a stable way.

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