Jan 5, 2020 in Agile
Q: What are the skills we need in a Product Owner?

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Jan 5, 2020

It’s quite natural that every role demands certain skills to meet the expectations of the position. Few of the essential skills to be competent product owners are:

Knowledgeable: Product Owner should be immensely knowledgeable about the product. Additionally, he/she should not only think about the product but also what is the scope of the same in the market.

Communication Skills- It is important for the Product Owner to have excellent communication skills that can adapt to different teams and behavior types. He/she needs to work with the business to understand their vision and the development team to bring it to reality.

Commitment – The PO should be committed to the project, vision, team and the business. Product Owner should clearly communicate the vision between the small backlog items and the larger business goal.

Available – A Product Owner should be available for the stakeholders, the customers, the development team and the Scrum Master to discuss their issues.

Decision Making: A Product Owner should have the ability to judge the scenarios and make the decisions that affect the team and its progress.

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