Jan 5, 2020 in Agile
Q: What is a user story in Scrum?

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Jan 5, 2020

In agile, a user story is a tool used in Agile software development that represents a small piece of business value that a team can deliver in a sprint. It creates a simplified description of a user’s requirements. A user story is defined incrementally in three stages:

Who are we building it for, who the user is? — As a <type of user>

What are we building, what is the intention? — I want <some goal or objective >

Why are we building it, what value it brings for the user.? — So that <benefit, value>

 A good user story should be Independent (I), Negotiable (N), Valuable (V), Estimable (E), Small (S), Testable (T).  In short – INVEST.

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