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Distributed systems, and their relation with blockchain.

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Distributed systems, and their relation with blockchain.

Blockchain and its elements, the various types of Blockchain, and the advantages and limitations of blockchain technology.

Consensus mechanism and the application of decentralization in blockchains.

Smart contracts, Oracles and Tokens.

Cryptography and the different types of cryptography.

Blockchain Governance, Ethereum, Web3, Hyperledger fabric and

Blockchain Use cases

Let's dive in to explore them.

Distributed System

An understanding of distributed systems is critical to understanding blockchain technology, as blockchain is a distributed system at its core. A distributed system can be centralized or decentralized.

A distributed system is a network of autonomous computers(processors) that are connected together to form a system in which they communicate and share resources to perform a specific task.

The independent computing units of the distributed systems are known as Nodes.

Coordination among different nodes in the presence of corrupted nodes or in case of network failure is the primary challenge faced by the distributed systems.

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