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Q: Explain View Model – Federal Enterprise Architecture Views?

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Dec 28, 2019

In the US Federal Enterprise Architecture organization, section, and resolution design supply dissimilar trade views by means of changing the layer of particular and addressing associated but clearly different worries. Just like businesses are them self hierarchically arranged, thus are the dissimilar perspectives presented by means of any sort of design.

The Federal Enterprise Architecture Practice Guidance (2006) has described 3 kinds of architecture: Enterprise design, Segment design, and Solution design.

By description, Enterprise Architecture (EA) is basically worried with recognizing commonplace either split resources – if they are strategic plans, trade actions, ventures, information, structures, either technologies.

EA is moved by means of strategy; it assists an organization recognize if its assets are correctly lined up to the organization assignment and strategically objectives and aims. From an speculation outlook, EA is applied to drive resolutions regarding the IT speculation Portfolio as a whole. Consequently, the main investors of the EA are the older administrators and top-managers tasked with making sure the organization answers its assignment as successfully and productively like feasible.

By juxtaposition, section design describes a straightforward roadmap for a central assignment zone, trade facility, either organization facility. Segment design is moved by means of trade administration and provides articles that better the conveyance of facilities to subjects and organization workforce. From an speculation outlook, section design drives resolutions for a trade instance either cluster of trade instances helping a central assignment zone either commonplace either split facility.

The main investors for section design are trade holders and administrators. Segment design is associated to EA via 3 principles: construction, recycle, and orientation. 

First, section design inherits the model applied by means of the EA, albeit it might be enlarged and specific to encounter the concrete wants of a central assignment zone either commonplace either split facility. 

Second, section design reuses essential resources described at the organization layer including: data; commonplace trade actions and investments; and applications and technologies.

Third, section design aligns with components described at the organization layer, such like trade strategic plans, orders, norms, and performance actions.

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