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Ansible role for 5.x Elasticsearch. Currently this works on Debian and RedHat based linux systems. Tested platforms are:

Ubuntu 14.04/16.04

Debian 8

Centos 7

The latest Elasticsearch versions of 5.x are actively tested. Only Ansible versions > 2.3.2 are supported, as this is currently the only version tested.


This role uses the json_query filter which requires jmespath on the local machine.


Create your Ansible playbook with your own tasks, and include the role elasticsearch. You will have to have this repository accessible within the context of playbook, e.g.


cd /my/repos/


cd /my/ansible/playbook

mkdir -p roles

ln -s /my/repos/ansible-elasticsearch ./roles/elasticsearch

Then create your playbook yaml adding the role elasticsearch. By default, the user is only required to specify a unique es_instance_name per role application. This should be unique per node.

The application of the elasticsearch role results in the installation of a node on a host.

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