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Configuration settings can be overridden by environment variables - see in the source tree for names.



Used on the ansible command line, or in playbooks.

all (or *)


groupname: webservers

or: webservers:dbserver

exclude: webserver:!phoenix

intersection: webservers:&staging

Operators can be chained: webservers:dbservers:&staging:!phoenix

Patterns can include variable substitutions: {{foo}}, wildcards: * or 192.168.1.*, and regular expressions: ~(web|db).*\.example\.com

Inventory files

intro_inventory.html, intro_dynamic_inventory.html

'INI-file' structure, blocks define groups. Hosts allowed in more than one group. Non-standard SSH port can follow hostname separated by ':' (but see also ansible_ssh_port below).

Hostname ranges: www[01:50], db-[a:f]

Per-host variables: foo=bar baz=wibble

[foo:children]: new group foo containing all members if included groups

[foo:vars]: variable definitions for all members of group foo

Inventory file defaults to /etc/ansible/hosts. Veritable with -i or in the configuration file. The 'file' can also be a dynamic inventory script. If a directory, all contained files are processed.

Variable files:


YAML; given inventory file at ./hosts:

./group_vars/foo: variable definitions for all members of group foo

./host_vars/ variable definitions for

group_vars and host_vars directories can also exist in the playbook directory. If both paths exist, variables in the playbook directory will be loaded second.

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