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TOGAF and finding the right Meta Model for your needs

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In Enterprise IT Architecture Management, there will come a point when it is necessary to possess a database for the IT Portfolio and the IT assets to perform management on the sets of real world items that have been modeled in the Enterprise Architecture Database.

Meta-models sized between 50 Meta entities, which is somewhat limited , up to well over 500 Meta entities, which would be a bit too complex if not covered by a well-integrated user interface of an EAM tool, can be used.

In many cases, one will not try to answer all the possible questions in the EAM at a time. It is more likely that management has its interests focused on certain points like cost management for the infrastructure.

 In such cases, it is necessary to begin with a small solution that is driven by a question that needs to be answered, without having to deal with the full complexity of a 500+ item meta-model. The TOGAF architecture capability framework oers a Metamodel

that is split into smaller areas of interest. If one is interested in a certain area, that person needs only to read that respective area and draw up a list of pre-defined TOGAF Meta objects

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