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Q: What is IT Portfolio Management?

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Dec 26, 2019

To understand the concept of Portfolio Management, let us first begin with what a portfolio is. A Portfolio is essentially a collection of investments that is held by any organization, or institution, or a private individual.

IT Portfolio Management is defined as “the application of systematic management techniques to the investments, projects, and activities of Enterprise Information Technology (IT departments)" Examples of IT Portfolios include planned initiatives, projects, and ongoing IT services.

There are three types of IT Portfolio Management - two of which are relevant to Enterprise Architects (Application and Infrastructure Portfolio Management), and one of which is present in the oce of the CIO, thus making it important for Enterprise Architects to at least have a fair level of competence and high degree of proficiency in Project Portfolio Management.

What is Application Portfolio Management?

Application portfolio management is a framework that is used for managing enterprise IT software-based services and software-based applications, which includes SaaS (software As A Service). APM provides managers and administrators with an inventory of a company's software metrics and applications to illustrate the business benefits of each of these applications.

What is Infrastructure Portfolio Management?

Just like managing applications, infrastructure components can also be managed. The infrastructure components mainly comprise

1.Network infrastructures like WANs, LANs, and other network components

2. All kinds of infrastructure services. 

3. Servers

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