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What is IT strategy?

 Before we talk about the IT strategy, let us first understand what strategy is. Wikipedia defines strategy as, “a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal”. IT strategy is an exhaustive plan that IT management professionals use to guide the organization. The IT strategy that is created should cover all the aspects of Technology Management, such as Human Capital Management, cost Management, Vendor management, Hardware and Software Management, Risk Management, and other considerations in the IT enterprise environment. 

An IT strategy has five subsets:

1. APPLICATION STRATEGY:-  An Application Strategy is one that consists of a set of guidelines stating how to deal with the IT application in an organization and how 1 to support the business strategies using the IT applications.

2.  INTEGRATION STRATEGY:-  Integration strategy is used when an organization has a major chunk of applications that need to be integrated with each  other to be able to perform business processes.

3. INFRASTRUCTURE STRATEGY:-  Infrastructure Strategy is a crucial element in an organization’s strategy to gain the optimal value from the IT investments.

4. SERVICE STRATEGY:-  A service strategy is one which determines how an organization’s customers will get which services at which service level.

5. SOURCING STRATEGY:-  A sourcing strategy involves an organization deciding what to outsource and what to produce in-house and whether it wants to work together with a single provider or multiple providers

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