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Benefits of using TOGAF?

1 Answer

0 votes

1. Ease Of Implementation:- The framework oered by the Open Group is an easy to understand, step by step approach to developing Enterprise Architecture and is therefore easy to use, helping organizations and employees save on excessive training costs.

2. Ease Of Use:-  In keeping with point #1, TOGAF is delivered with exhaustive documentation, meaning organizations and IT admins will have little to no trouble keeping the IT architecture in top shape. TOGAF is among the few IT frameworks that can be implemented and maintained by architects at any skill or experience level.

3. Global Standard:- As the global standard in Enterprise Architecture and the most-popular framework in the world, TOGAF provides a standardized architecture development process and common definitions of components and deliverables making it easier to transfer and apply between and across industries and business units.

4. Authentic:- TOGAF framework is a compilation of the eorts from all of TOG’s (The Open Group’s) member organizations and hence oers a well-founded corroborative theoretical framework that supports the complex process of developing and sustaining an Enterprise Architecture.

5.Procedural:- TOGAF's ADM (Architecture Development Method) or the "framework of frameworks", provides the most comprehensive process for Procedural architecture development that isn't overly complex

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