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Which of the following is a value of DevOps

(1)DevOps goals span the entire delivery pipeline

(2)DevOps embraces Silo approach to software development

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Answer- DevOps goals span the entire delivery pipeline

DevOps goals span the entire delivery pipeline is a value of DevOps.

Speed To Market

  • Shipping more quickly. A shorter, more positive feedback loop. The ability to pick up new tools and technology more quickly. High profile mistakes are showing how pervasive software is in our life. 
  • Accelerate the process of core software transformation. Change from web front end. Now it’s core systems and core apps. 
  • Improved the quality of the software. Agility and speed of delivery. Increased speed to market by 42% and improved quality 48%. Improved employee retention, efficiency, and productivity.
  • Speed and efficiency of getting changes into the customers’ hands. A shorter feedback loop with a higher quality of product and service. Able to fix bugs quickly so there’s little to no downtime. 
  • Speed to market.
  • Reduction in time to value. Because you have a pipeline and automation you can shorten the time to value, ship smaller components, and see how they behave. Rollbacks are simpler and a task that can be automated.
  • The stories I hear are consistent with regards to culture change, internal teams, centers of excellence, delivering more quickly, speed, and agility. There’s a shortage of talent. If you want to keep good developers and administrators you have to use the latest technology and processes or people will not stay. 
  • DevOps emerged as a response to many different needs – for some organizations, it was supporting agile development, for others, it was a need for shorter development times, faster fixes, or more efficient operations support. Our DevOps journey began on day one of our operations when most of the key messages of the DevOps movement were already understood and gaining traction. Because of this, DevOps is just a part of how we work; almost all of the problems solved by DevOps are problems that we have faced. Running our business without DevOps is almost unimaginable.
  • Release smaller bits of code faster. Lather, rinse and repeat while constantly iterating and improving. 
  • The greatest value DevOps brings is the automation of manual processes and tasks allowing for continuous deployments which result in quicker implementation of new features into our product. Additionally, teams are faced with the challenge of releasing quality applications at an increased speed, and DevOps breaks down the organizational and process barriers that often hinder this.
  • Speed to market with error-free applications with short feedback loops.

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