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What is the definition of Release PO versus Feature PO?

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When a Scrum Product Team includes more than 2 Scrum Teams we have found that it’s more than one Product Owner can handle. In this case, we suggest adding a Release Product Owner as a Product Owner Team lead.  The PO team covers all the responsibilities and activities of a Product Owner divided into RPO and team PO roles.

Release Product Owner leads the PO team and is first and foremost responsible that the PO team presents a Single Voice

A clear statement of vision, direction, release purpose and goals

Managing overall Product Backlog and publishing the Product Backlog

Show alignment w/ product roadmap

Getting stakeholder buy-in on Product Backlog

Prioritization of Product Backlog

Prepare appropriate Product Backlog to drive release planning

Ongoing release plan forecasting

Deployment & release readiness checklist

Market launch split out to PM

Team Product Owner (or just PO) is a member of the Scrum Team responsible for working with the team from sprint to sprint and grooming the breakdown of Features into sprint sized User Stories so that they are prepared for Sprint Planning

Prioritize user stories to drive Sprint Planning

Acceptance criteria of stories in the sprint

Day to day available to the team for conversations about stories in the sprint

Accepting stories in the sprint

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