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Where is management support to product owner role & backing their decisions?

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In addition to coaching and budgeting for professional development and skill-building activities management should:

Provide feedback on product backlog content, priorities, and dates with a clear purpose

Support acceptance decisions the PO makes during each sprint

Management will route all work for teams through product owner to support a single voice for work priorities

Manage consistent and qualified staffing for teams from sprint to sprint with minimal changes throughout a release

Key Stakeholders will provide clear direction on prioritizing to achieve corporate strategy and product management objectives shown in product roadmaps

Development Executives will support the PO in helping Key Stakeholders to understand and accept the necessity for making tradeoff decisions on dates and/or feature content consistent with actual team capacity

For the Product Owner to succeed, the entire organization must respect his or her decisions. The Product Owner’s decisions are visible in the content and ordering of the Product Backlog. No one can force the Development Team to work from a different set of requirements.