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What skills & competencies should a Product Owner demonstrate?

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Key skills of a Product Owner should be related to Communication, Commitment, Vision, Focus on functionality, Available and People skills. The following Performing Competencies are needed to do the Product Owner job well:

Subject matter expertise and sufficient market knowledge to understand customer wants and needs.

Manage product backlogs with priority decisions that mitigate risk and maximize value while showing steady progress towards forecast results

Manages backlog content consistent with priorities agreed to with key stakeholders

Provides a visible forecast and notifies stakeholders of any significant changes in effort or risk

Create Feature and User Stories that represent “vertical slices” of value

Collaborates effectively with Scrum Master and Scrum Development Team

Engage both team and stakeholders to collaborate in release planning

Inspires commitment by communicating a clear vision, direction, purpose, and goal for each release and sprint

Approachable and available to team members to answer detailed questions about requirements

Understand and represent the interests of customers and stakeholders such as customer service, sales, development management, and executives

Engages and solicits their feedback to validate priorities and compromises

Constructive Conflict Resolution

Demand / assure accountability

Effective planning and forecasting in spite of the inevitable uncertainty and unknowns

Understands and applies Agile and Scrum principles and practices

Balances new feature delivery with high-quality software while minimizing the creation of additional technical debt for sustainable software development.

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